New York’s 75th District has seen a deterioration of the following quality-of-life issues over the years:

  • Homelessness 311 call complaints increased
  • Homelessness encampments increased
  • Times Square area high-profile crimes increased
  • Unsafe operation of E-bikes increased
  • Lack of Mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention programs
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Lack of temporary shelters and housing programs
  • Lack of public toilets in the district
  • Noise pollution continues to be a problem for the district.
  • Unauthorized street vendors increased
  • Loitering, petty crime, and panhandling increased  
  • Overflowing garbage cans increased 
  • The amount of dirt and debris on streets increased
  • Adequate street drainage is needed
  • Subway Crime Increased

(source: Budget, Education & City Services Committee resolution on FY23 District Needs and Budget Priorities Resolution)

While many of the above issues are not under the State Assembly's purview, many solutions are available.

The solution requires policies to

  • Increase affordable housing and temporary shelters
  • Comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention
  • Summer youth work programs and mental wellness support.
  • Significant funding for business improvement in the district
  • The establishment of Arts and Cultural Districts throughout the State will bring investment, employment, and a zero-tolerance for quality of life violations through greater enforcement.



Real Problems Need Real Solutions

And real solutions come from those with vision and experience.  

Joe Maffia has decades of experience with community affairs. 

CURRENTLY (2022), Joe Maffia is an active member or leader in these community and professional organizations:

  • District leader in the 75th Assembly District
  • Member of Community Board #5
  • Budget, Education, and City Services Committee
  • Treasurer and Board member of the West 50s Neighborhood Association
  • Treasurer and Board member of the Carnegie House Tenants Corporation
  • Member of Executive Committee of the Manhattan GOP
  • Standard-setting and Professional Trends Advisory Committee of NASBA
  • Board Member to the State Board of Public Accountancy
  • Board of Directors of The New Dramatists and Chair of the Audit Committee
  • Board and audit committee member of the 34th Street Partnership


PREVIOUSLY Joe has also been involved in the following community and professional organizations

  • District leader in the 67th Assembly District
  • President and co-president Gertrude & Morrison Parker West Side Republican Club.
  • Public Safety and Quality of Life Committee
  • Chairman of the Accounting and Review and the Entertainment and Sports Committee of the New York State Society of CPAs
  • Board Officer of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • Small Business Advisory Committee to the Financial Accounting Standards Board and on the Accounting and Review Services Committee of the American Institute of CPAs
  • Trustee of the Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum
  • President of the Gertrude and Morrison Parker West Side Republican Club, Inc.
  • Treasurer of The Alliance for New York State Arts Organizations
  • Board member of Arts Action New York




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