At the cornerstone of my campaign will be `the implementation of "Arts and Cultural Districts" around the State, to spur revitalization and address quality-of-life issues facing these districts. Arts, culture, and tourism are essential to revitalizing the 75th Assembly District. Art inspires young and old, stimulates imagination, boosts self-esteem, and stimulates dopamine release – art and culture are good for the soul and good for the economy.  That is why Joe Maffia acquired over 1,500 signatures to get the Arts and Culture Party on the ballot in 2022.  VIEW PRESS RELEASE HERE





The 75th District as an Arts & Culture District



The 75th AD includes many Arts and Culture treasures including Chelsea Art Galleries, Broadway District, Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Center, and numerous museums. Broadway plays a vital role in the economic and cultural lifeblood of New York – both  City and State - by attracting visitors worldwide. According to The Broadway League, Broadway has a nearly 15-billion-dollar impact on New York City and supports 83,600 jobs. Broadway tourists pump money into the city for hotels, taxis, restaurants, travel agents, and shopping. What is good for NYC is good for New York State. New jobs and Broadway tourism increase the State's coffers by collecting more personal income taxes, business income taxes, general sales taxes, Hotel room occupancy tax, and other taxes. 


Benefits of the Arts and Culture Districts



  • Providing significant economic impact to cities, attracting business and tourists
  • Revitalizing neighborhoods
  • Increasing quality of life for residents
  • Supporting local nonprofit arts and cultural organizations
  • Helping to brand the area's cultural identity
  • Requiring a unique response to each community throughout the State


Incentives and tax credits for dollars spent on Arts and Culture:




  • Investment tax credits (ITC) for 25% of investments capped at $50,000. ITC is limited to dollars spent on Arts and Culture in the district.
  • 100% depreciation capped at $500,000.
  • Investment in leasehold improvements would be 100% deductible in the year placed in services capped at $500,000.
  • Provide tax incentives for both tenants and landlords with unused commercial space in the district for the following:
    • Musician rehearsal space
    • Artist Galleries
    • Artist studios
    • Performing arts rehearsal space


Funding for Arts & Culture Districts to provide the following:




  • Grants to local nonprofits to be used for programs to develop and exhibit art installations in the A&C district
  • Funding for business improvement districts to supplement the quality of life initiatives
  • Increased funding for the police department to enforce quality of life issues within the District   
  • E-Bike operation 
  • Acquire and install public toilets – paid for from advertising.
  • Funding for substance abuse and treatment and prevention programs within the district
  • Provide funding for garbage removal and street cleaning programs
  • Funding to address homelessness


Let’s Bring Back Art Programing To Schools Statewide

Joe’s own story is a testimony to the power of arts, sports, and education.  Joe has an intense work ethic, but in his teens, he used that work ethic to become a rather well-known graffiti tagger. But he used that same work ethic in school and track and earned a scholarship to college.  Today, he is passionate about the Arts and is especially happy to see how graffiti has become an art form valued in its own right and as such, can be a medium through which disenfranchised youth can be integrated into legitimate art communities.  

Like Math, English, and Science, Art programming in schools reaches an entire population of kids that are often otherwise left behind.  Identifying artistic talent and giving students opportunities to develop their skills can take kids who feel excluded and frustrated and empower them to become a new generation of artists who contribute positively to society.




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